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COVID-19 has accelerated the shift towards a more digital world and triggered massive growth in online shopping!


Before COVID-19, investing in a website was an afterthought for many businesses. Nowadays, going without one is no longer an option for any business.

The outbreak of COVID-19 has erased any lingering sense of reluctance toward embracing technology. Entire industries have raced toward remote work. Seniors are ordering groceries online. Businesses everywhere are desperate to establish an online presence. 


Staying in business has always meant meeting consumers where they are. With shopping malls closed and stay-at-home orders in full effect, everyone is online.   

In the era of COVID-19, establishing any brand awareness whatsoever requires at least a home page. Simply put, businesses that aren’t online are inaccessible to their target market, regardless of what demographics that market may consist of. 

Demand For Web Design & Development Services has increased dramatically

The world needs more website designers!

What kind of websites will you learn to build?

Landing pages
Full business websites
E-commerce store
Blog/Vlog sites
Build websites for other people and earn an income

While our course is free there are some things you will need in order to build your website:

A computer or laptop
Basic computer skills
Reliable internet connection
Domain name (Website name)
Hosting (a place to save your files on the world wide web)

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