Start your own website design business from your home or office!

Learn how to use the most widely used platforms in web design

We will give you all the training and tools to get you started right away. No experience necessary, just a desire to succeed!

Background information about us

I started Lebro Solutions (Pty) Ltd in 2016. While working for the biggest marketing agency in South Africa for over 4 years, I saw a need in the market for digital solutions for small and medium businesses. Small business owners need custom solutions at an affordable price. They also require outstanding customer service because their budgets are small and need to be utilised effectively. 

We offer our clients outstanding products at unbeatable prices. We build long term relationships with our clients, instead of chasing a fast buck. At the heart of every business is its website. This is the foundation of all business marketing and communication. We understand the need for affordable, yet outstanding products. Lebro Solutions has thus grown rapidly and we need to expand. 

We are innovative thinkers and embrace more effective and modern working environments.

We work with remote offices and all our staff work from home. Embracing technology and respecting the individual’s need for flexibility in these modern times is what drives our success. It also keeps overheads low, so we can pass those savings to our clients. 

Our “head office” is based in Cape Town, but through word of mouth we get work from all over the country.

Because of our commitment to a high level of customer service, we would prefer that our clients deal with their website designer in person. This means we need key people in all areas of South Africa. Instead of hiring website developers or freelancers, we have decided to empower motivated and entrepreneurial individuals to start and run their own website design business. We run a mentorship programme were we train and mentor you. You will learn to build websites in WordPress and also learn the key fundamentals to building a site, like User Experience, sales flow etc. These are vital aspects that make a beautiful website a powerful platform that ensures return on investment for your clients.  We will also support you as you grow your business, because your clients are our clients too. 

Why would we do this?

Firstly, we feel strongly about empowering people. If you give someone a job, they can feed their family, but if you help them build a business, they can provide something that their children can inherit. A job provides in the present. A business provides in the long term.

Secondly, when you are working for yourself you take more pride in your work. Our business is successful because of outstanding customer service. A paid employee, does not care as much about the customer as a business owner does. So while we need website developers to cover the huge amount of website design work needed in South Africa and abroad, we are ensuring that those website designers embrace the same level of customer centricity that we do. We are helping you build a business you can be proud of, but at the same time we will have a pool of website designers we know we can trust to get the job done and that we feel comfortable in referring work to. We see it as a win-win-win situation. (You win, we win and most importantly, the client wins.)

Do you want to run your own website design business? 

You can work from anywhere. You can work from home, from your office or even while traveling! That’s the beauty of the internet!

How does it work?

We have a few spots available to people who meet our criteria. We are looking for creative individuals who want to build their own business. You don’t need any website design experience, but a creative flare is advisable. You will also need to have a computer, phone and reliable internet. Your own transport is also necessary, as you will be seeing clients from time to time.

We will train you to become a website designer using universal systems which are user friendly and make affordable website design possible. Its easy to learn and you will gain practical knowledge as your training will include building your own website for your own website design business! We will teach you everything you need to start and run your very own website design agency. Once you have demonstrated your ability, we will pass leads on to you. 

This is a great opportunity. Usually business start ups take 2 years to make money. If you are selected, you will have the opportunity to start earning money from day 1 in your own business and we will help you grow that business! Yes, we are investing our time and resources into training you at no charge, but we feel that it will be worth it for you, for us, and for the clients. As great an opportunity as this is, it is no free ride. You will need to work hard to make it work. If you are looking for a “Get rich quick scheme” THIS IS NOT FOR YOU!

Its like buying into a franchise, but without the exorbitant fees!

What does it cost?

R300 once off

-R150 Business website domain registration. (
-R150 Website designer registration

You need to have your own professional business website as a website designer. This will also allow you to showcase your talent until you build up a portfolio. 

R250 per month

This includes the hosting of your business website, your own emails as well as business & technical support, etc.

The registration fee and monthly fee is also to weed out potential time wasters. We want to help you, but we also need to ensure that we don’t invest time and resources into training you unless you are really serious about this.  

You will get:

-Your own domain name and website package.
-Training in website design. (WordPress, Elementor and WooCommerce)
-Training in marketing your website design business.
-Training in Sales.
-Where to advertise and how to find business
-On going support in business as well as technical support.

What you will earn:

You can determine your own income. Most small and medium businesses are happy to pay R2000 – R6000 for a website. If you are building 10 websites per month you can earn R20 000 – R60 000 per month depending on how much you charge. You also earn extra when your clients need extra work done on your site.

Lebro solutions offer quality hosting from R150 per month. You will get 30% of the hosting fee paid to you monthly. You will also be able to offer your clients monthly management packages based on the amount of work they require on their site each month. 

To give you an example: You build 10 websites per month and offer them a R100 per month management fee on top of their hosting. After two years you will earn R36 000 per month in income from your existing client base. Even if none of your clients need monthly management, you will still earn R10800 per month on the hosting alone. 

Apart from websites and hosting, Lebro Solutions offer Mobile Apps, business applications, software solutions and digital marketing. These are all extra add on’s that your website clients will need to run their businesses. You will earn additional income from adding these. 

We have added an Affiliate Plan where you can earn a recurring passive income from building your own team of Web designers and account managers.

The Covid 19 situation has highlighted the need to be able to earn an income even when you cannot work. The reality is that even after Covid 19 there may come a time where you cannot work because you are sick, become disabled, or perhaps even want to take an extended holiday. This is where a recurring passive income will cover you.

How it works:

You can earn an extra residual income if you refer web designers/Account managers. The people you refer do not have to do the website design. We recognise that some people are good at sales and account management instead of being creative.  You can still refer these people, They can manage people’s accounts and outsource any website design work to you.

You earn 25% of the monthly hosting fees of Account managers you introduce, so if you introduce 4 people you get paid R250 per month. (Your hosting fees are paid back) 

It works on 3 levels: You get 25% on level 1 and 17.5% on level 2 and 3

Level 1: You introduce 4 = R250 per month
Level 2: Those 4 introduce 4 = 16 x 17.5% = R700 per month (Total = R950 pm)
Level 3: Those 16 introduce 4 = 64  x 17.5% = R2800 per month (Total = R3750 pm)

In addition to the 30% you earn on hosting fees of all the clients websites you build, you earn 5% of hosting fees of all the web designers/Account managers you introduce for 3 levels. 

So lets say all 84 (4 + 16 + 64)  web designers/account managers on your 3 levels have 30 clients (some will have more, some less, so we use an average)  you will earn R18 900 per month. 

This growth is exponential. if everyone introduces 5 instead of 4 on level 3 you will earn R34 875 per month. 

Please Note: It is not essential to build a team to be able to make money. There is enough money to be made with building websites and updating them to earn a good income for yourself. 

How to get started:

Complete the checklist: 
Do you have a computer?
Do you have a good internet connection (you will require around 10 gigs per month)
Do you have a phone?
Do you know how to use Microsoft office? (word, publisher, excel, etc?)
Do you have any design experience?
Do you have the desire to succeed as an entrepreneur?
Are you a people’s person?

Choose your domain name.
You can choose any name, as long as it is available.

Complete the registration forms.
Here you will provide your details and business name, as well as your banking details for the monthly fee of R250 for your website, emails and tech support.

Pay your registration fee.
R300 is payable on registration. We will not start training until the amount is paid in full. The reason being, you require a business name and website domain name and emails address to start with the training.

Start your website design course.
Depending on how fast you learn you can get through this within a week. The course is hands on practical learning and you will be building your very own website for your website design business. This is so that you can first get comfortable in using the tools and seeing first-hand what can be done with them.

Complete your marketing course.
Learn all about marketing your business. We cover traditional marketing and also social media and online marketing.

Complete your sales course.
Sales is an essential skill if you are to succeed. We will teach you the basics of sales, form where to find leads to overcoming objections and closing the deal.

You are now ready to start running your very own website design business!
We will be there to support you. Once you have passed the courses and we are satisfied that you will be able to make our clients happy, we will refer leads to you.


-South African based company with real support.
-Affordable products that you client will love.
-You can start earning right away.
-We have the right infrastructure, so you don’t have to worry about setting it all up yourself.
-Set up a professional website in just hours.
-We have the most affordable e-Commerce solutions. ( e-Commerce is growing rapidly)


Is there any limit to the type of website we can build or offer clients?
With Lebro Soloutions you can create any kind of website and there is always a way to fit into the budget of a company. Like with any new skill or venture, you won’t be an expert from the beginning. You may have to start with smaller websites in the beginning until you learn more. This does not mean you cannot meet your client’s needs. We are there to support you. Customer satisfaction is paramount. You can outsource work to us while you are still learning.  

How much potential business is there?
There is always a demand for websites. New businesses start all the time and websites need updating. Anybody with commitment and perseverance can be successful.

I cannot afford the R300 registration fee or R250 per month
We want to work with people who are serious about building their own successful business. If you cannot come up with the basics, you are probably not going to cut it at running your own business. If you are serious about building a business you will know that this is by far the most affordable way to start your own business. You will see this as the great opportunity it is. If you done see that, then you are probably more suited to finding a job. 

How fast will I start making money?
Most businesses take two years to start showing profit. We have put this opportunity out there to allow you to earn money from day 1. We give you everything you need to succeed, but this is no get rich quick scheme. This is a real business opportunity. If you are serious about working hard and building a business that is going to do well, YOU need to put in the effort. We will give you all the tools, you need to use them!

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